Tribe To Table™ has formulated policies to ensure that purchasers of Tribe To Table™ products follow specific guidelines for resale of these products. Tribe To Table™ sells products via websites, brick and mortar, magazines, catalogs and health care professionals. The policies set forth below are required to be followed by all Resellers (as hereinafter defined) of our products to properly develop and promote the online distribution of Tribe To Table™ products in the professional marketplace, to support our commitment to the professionally supervised use of Tribe To Table™ products and to maintain Tribe To Table™ strong reputation for high value products. Compliance with the below policies is a condition to the re-sale of Tribe To Table™ products.


  1. Tribe To Table™ shall have the right to disapprove any Reseller and require changes it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, to promote the Tribe To Table™ image and brand, and to maintain high standards in the marketing of Tribe To Table™ products. Tribe To Table™ reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate any Resellerat any time.


  1. Sales of Tribe To Table™ products shall be at prices no lower than Tribe To Table™ suggested retail prices(MSRP). Current MSRP will always be available in writing or by email, posted or supplied by your distributer, or posted on The MAP policy applies to all locations for any Tribe To Table™ products including any and all online, internet, and like electronic media. The MAP policy also applies to all advertisements of any Tribe To Table™ products in any and all media, including –but not limited to –inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, public signage, billboards, television, radio, email, internet websites or other ecommerce, social media, flyers, posters, coupons, brochures, any use of hypertext protocol or internal links to a web-based shopping cart and any other electronic media. Suggested retail prices must be clearly posted online, printed in magazines or catalogs, and Resellers may not employ personalized promotional discount coupons or volume discounts, having the effect of reducing the prices charged for Tribe To Table™ products below suggested retail prices.


  1. The MAP policy is not applicable to any brick and mortar in-store advertising that is displayed only in a specific store location and not distributed to any customer.


  1. Internet auctions may not display or have reserved bid or other acceptable prices below the suggested retail prices.


  1. Pricing listed on an internet site is considered an “advertised price” and is covered by this policy. However, once the pricing is associated with an intent to purchase (e.g. added to the buyer’s shopping cart), the price is not bound by this MAP policy. Discounts applying to an entire order based on a customer’s shopping history with Reseller do not violate this MAP policy.


  1. This MAP policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. Resellers may advertise Tribe To Table™ products at any price in excess of MSRP.


  1. This MAP policy is unilateral policy upon which Tribe To Table™ is willing to market its products, and therefore not subject to negotiation. Sales personnel have no authority to modify this policy. Tribe To Table™ may, however, periodically engage in promotions with respect to certain products and in such cases may modify or suspend the MAP with respect to affected products and notify Resellers of such change. The policy does not apply to products designated by Tribe To Table™ as discontinued.


  1. Tribe To Table™ retains the right to modify MSRP of all or certain products, at any time and Resellers must implement changes within 30 days of such modification.


  1. This MAP policy may be adjusted by Tribe To Table™ at its sole discretion. Such adjustments shall be uniformly applied to all Tribe To Table™ Resellers.


  1. Tribe To Table™ reputation for high quality, all-natural products is embodied in its trademarks, logos and copyrighted marketing materials. An approved Internet Reseller may use and refer to the Tribe To Table™ name, trademarks, logos and slogans (collectively “trademarks”) solely to distinguish Tribe To Table™ products in connection with the Reseller’s authorized sales of those products, provided that the Reseller complies with the following restrictions:


  1. Tribe To Table™ trademarks may not be altered in any way;
  2. No Tribe To Table™ trademark may be used as all or part of any Reseller’s domain name, company name or trade name;
  3. No Tribe To Table™ trademark or any other mark may be used so as to cause confusion about the origin of Tribe To Table™ products or to lead the viewer to believe that Tribe To Table™ and Reseller’s relationship is anything other than that of independent parties; and
  4. No Tribe To Table™ trademark may be used so as to dilute, defame, disparage or harm Tribe To Table™ reputation.
  5. Resellers are strictly prohibited from bidding and/or buying Tribe To Table™ trademarks as keywords on any search engine websites.
  6. Tribe To Table™ products are not to be promoted or marketed as CBD, cannabidiol, marijuana and/or THC-containing brand. Resellers must clearly state that Tribe To Table™ products are manufactured from the male hemp plant and are completely free of THC and/or any other psychoactive plant compounds.


In addition, failure to comply with these policies may, at Tribe To Table™ sole option, result in restrictions and/or conditions being placed on the Reseller’s account, up to and including account closure.

It is the responsibility of any authorized distributors who represent and sell Tribe To Table™ products to supply a copy of this MAP policy to any new or existing Reseller of the products.

Questions concerning these policies should be strictly in writing and directed to Tribe To Table™ at: No oral communications about this MAP policy are authorized.