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Better than Dog Food



Tribe to Table has brought together naturally organic, wild harvested, sustainable food and indigenous products from tribes throughout North America to create a one-of-a-kind Native American market! Each purchase supports indigenous enterprise.

Tribe to Table’s line of native botanical wellness products for humans and pets – formulated specifically using ancient healing herbs and the finest natural extracts! Tinctures deliver sublingual oral doses that are designed to naturally relief pain and inflammation, while our cream delivers topical relief for everything from soreness and aches to arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis!

Wild salmon from the Nisqually, bison from the Chippewa – real wild meat that isn’t just human grade, its human food. For your dog, cat, or even yourself! Before the advent and acceptance of dried kibble in the last century, our pets ate scrap human food. Along the Pacific Northwest coasts, the dogs ate “dog fish” aka chum salmon! 

Tahmek, Yucatán. In the Yucatec Maya language, “tahmek” means “refuse to embrace.” It is one of the 106 municipalities in the Mexican state of Yucatán, roughly 39 km southeast of the city of Mérida, and is also the name of Tribe to Table’s collective of artisan Mayan weavers headed by designer Adriana Cambranis. Beautiful, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pillows, purses, lamps, apparel and accessories!





Like really, really love our pets. 

We want them to have the best, longest, strongest, healthiest life they can. Just like with people, animals are very much effected by what they eat. Recently, the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet or “BARF” diet has been gaining headway, in part thanks to the documentary “Pet Fooled.” This is very exciting for us – during the process of developing our dog food, we discovered how little information and testing has been done on today’s dog food. At first it was terrifying – eyeing the bag of kibble in the kitchen panty and feeling like I had been a bad puppy parent, realizing that I really didn’t know what I was feeding to my dog. Those are the moments when you realize that we could do better – hence, “Better than Dog Food” was born.

WIld meats, harvested by tribes – one ingredient foods that have barely been touched. Absolutely no dies, fillers, preservatives, grain, corn, GMO’s, pesticides, or any of the other gunk that shouldn’t be in there. Nothing goes to waste, and everything is done as sustainably as possible. Protect the Earth, and those you love most by nourishing them with only the most premium, wild meats, harvested by tribes – and at an affordable price!