About Us

TRIBE TO TABLE is more than a brand… we are a community. Through established relationships with over 60 tribes across North America, we bring the tribes to your table… and your closet, your living room, and your pets! We source beautiful, wild, heirloom foods that are grown and harvested ethically and sustainably by our Native partners. Our mission is to support and develop indigenous enterprise and communities by means of creating a space where people everywhere can consume consciously!

This is Native American food. This is real food.

It is no mystery that food cultivation has evolved throughout the centuries. The practices of the past barely resemble today’s general practices. Before colonization, all food was organic, sustainable, and real. The evolution of mass production and focus on quantity over quality during the 20th century created a multitude of complex problems; profits over people became the norm, and small farms declined. Today, more and more people are becoming aware of their impacts on the planet, the plants, the animals, the oceans, the air, and each other and are learning that everyone has an impact through their choices.

The way to change things for the better, is to change our choices for the better. The Native people of the Americas have remained strong through genocide, theft, and neglect while never giving up the fight to protect the land and nature.

“Native Americans are killed in police encounters at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet rarely do these deaths gain the national spotlight.” – CNN.

The people Native to these lands continue to fight for their rights. Through Tribe to Table, we are blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people and most amazing indigenous foods and goods, simultaneously supporting Native enterprise while making these foods and goods available to everyone.


In Yucatán, deep amidst the jungle and ancient ruins in a town called Tahmek, we have assembled a collective of talented Mayan artisans who carry on their family’s traditions of weaving clothing and accessories, hammocks, chairs, bedding, pillows and more.  


Pet food has evolved throughout the years. The very type of wild salmon that are caught for our fillets and treats were once fed to the dogs of fisherman! In fact, a domestic dog’s diet would have been a combination of human food and scrounging until recent history. In 1860 a salesman named James Spratt gave the leftover hard tack or “ship’s biscuits” from his incoming shipment to the dogs at the dock. Their hasty go at the biscuits inspired Spratt’s Patent Meal Fibrine Dog Cakes. The cakes were a hit in England, so he brought them to the states in 1870. This inspired other dog loving entrepreneurs at the time and in the 1880s, the company that would become the largest dog biscuit brand still today was born when Milkbones become the first to hit shelves nationwide in 1931. Kibble was invented in 1908 but canned dog food was the most popular – consuming almost 90% of the market until the start of WWII. With the new war, cans could no longer be used for dog food – so the market shifted to kibble. Today, the practices of pet food companies make headlines for being less than desirable and more people are making their pet’s food a priority.

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